Social Media

Harnassing the power of social media.


Staying ahead of our competition, we have a full time social media department utilizing the top social media business pages for business buyer development. This is vital for finding today’s business buyers. . The benefits to using social media to find buyers is to engage motivated and qualified corporate workers on the ease of self-ownership. Our social media platforms also allow our clients to spread the word into their realm thereby trending topics that help recruit new business buyers.  Old school brokers do not see the need – we do. There are dozens of social media outlets that businesses can use. We narrow it down to the most beneficial and effective social media networks. We have a dedicated social media department that maintains a presence on all of these different social media sites.

We also discreetly promote our businesses for sale in our social media networks. We spread the word of business for sale creating a buzz. This is done in a very discreet manner requiring the interested party to reach in to qualify and sign non-disclosure agreements. Whether it is trending, hash tagged or tagged, we get social media working for you.