Why Use A Business Broker

Why Use A Business Broker

by North American Alliance of Business Brokers


Good business brokers are a trained intermediaries experienced in the confidential sale of businesses for sale to qualified buyers. They usually work for and are compensated by the seller though some brokers do represent the buyer. Some states even allow for dual agency (representation). ASK the business broker who he or she represents.

The benefits to a business owner using a good business broker…

  1. Protect Confidentiality at all times
  2. Qualified Buyer Processes
  3. Financing Buyers through SBA acquisition lenders
  4. Placing top market value on the business
  5. Continuously targeting and finding new qualified buyers
  6. Strategic process to getting offers
  7. Strategic process to getting to close

A good business broker represents the seller from buyer qualification till the closing. The business owner can run his or her business while the business broker manages the entire sales process.

A good business broker is like a sports referee who does a great job – nobody knows he or she is there. The same can be said for a good business broker – they work in the shadows and nobody knows that the business is for sale or sold.

 -Scott Radin

President, NAABB

Business brokers are needed to protect the integrity of a business for sale transaction. Confidentiality is the KEY COMPONENT. A good business broker not only finds and brings in qualified buyers but he or she is also an expert at taking the process from offer to closing.


Don’t trust all business brokers

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